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Studio ​Bea Dance offers structured dance and tumbling classes for all ages and skill levels. We are focused on providing excellent dance and tumbling training in a positive and welcoming environment where everyone is family. Whether you are looking to dance for recreation or to compete at an elite level Studio Bea has something to offer. 


Our classes not only build technique and understanding of terminology but also help students to build skills that can be applied in daily life. Students will learn to pick up and retain information in a quick and timely manner, they will be able to notice fine details and receive structured criticism. Students will also be able to apply corrections and work as an individual or as part of a team. These skills are important not only in dance or tumbling but also in school, social settings, and in the work place. We want for all our dancers to succeed in wherever they go in life. 


Build character, technique, and confidence in one of our many dance and tumbling classes. These classes run September through the middle of June, with a recital taking place to showcase your dancers hard work. 


Build strength, coordination, and flexibility while mastering basic to advanced dance and tumbling skills in a safe and fun environment. Summer classes run through the summer months and are a great place to start your dancers love for dance. 

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