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Studio Bea Dance offers high quality dance training for dancers of all ages and skill levels. We make it our mission to not only build proper technique but to also build character. At Studio Bea we treat all dancers like family and help each other succeed. 

3 Yr Old Ballet

Age 3. Dancers build coordination, rhythm, balance, and flexibility in a structured class environment. Students use music, movement, and games to build skills while learning ballet technique and terminology. 

Hip Hop

Grades 1 through 12. This class focuses on the diverse and always changing style of hip hop dance. Dancers will learn tricks and skills through combinations and improvisation. This is a high energy class that focuses on age appropriate music and movement.


Grades 3 through 12. Dancers will explore jazz dance technique through across the floor and center combinations. Jazz is a high energy class that is perfect for any dancer looking for a place to strut their stuff. 

Ballet Technique

Grades 3 through 12. Dancers will learn proper technique and ballet terminology while improving flexibility, balance, and strength. The class incorporates classical music and movement combinations at the barre, across, and center floor. This class is strongly recommended for all students and is required for competition team members competing in jazz, lyrical, or ballet. 


Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative program designed to help students better understand the correct muscle initiation and body alignment that is required for ballet. Dancers will explore exercises that have been developed and approved by a team of physiotherapists and will gain a greater understanding of their body. This understanding and the skills learned will be carried with dancers throughout their entire dance training. 

4 Yr Old Ballet/Tap

Age 4. Dancers build coordination, rhythm, balance, and flexibility in a structured class environment. Students use music, movement, and games to build skills while learning ballet and tap technique and terminology. 

Pom & Kick

Grades 1 through 12. This class is designed for those interested in middle school, high school, college, or professional cheer and dance teams. Dancers will learn proper arm motions, kick technique, and jumps. Showmanship and audition skills will also be practiced and applied in this class. 


Grades 3 through 12. This is a class that focuses on a variety of tap styles and techniques that help to build rhythm and balance. Techniques will be explored through combinations and improvisations. 


Instructors consent is required for this class. Students must be enrolled and attending weekly ballet technique classes. Dancers will learn proper pointe technique and apply ballet technique to pointe work in both center and across floor combinations. 


Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade. Ballet and tap techniques and terminology will continue to be expanded upon while students will be introduced to jazz technique and terminology.   

Skills & Conditioning 

This class was formerly known as stretch/leaps/turns. This class is designed to help dancers build flexibility and strength while also building technique that is required to learn a variety of leaps and turns both across and center floor. 


Grades 3 through 12. Lyrical is a combination of jazz and ballet techniques with emphasis on expression. Dancers will learn tricks and skills that will be practiced and explored through combinations and improvisation. 

Private Lessons

Instructors consent required. Students are able to work one on one with an instructor to build technique and skills in specific styles of dance or tumbling. 


We are partnering with CLI Studios this year to give our students access to the dance industry’s top choreographers. Dancers will take online master classes from world-renowned choreographers in the comfort of our own studio. Dancers will explore a variety of styles such as jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and hip hop. 

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